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Blockchain = Community. 

Engaged and active communities are a vital part in the success of any blockchain-based project.   Due to their decentralized nature, blockchains rely on many parts coming together to form one.   In the technical sense, these parts are nodes on a connected network; but in the larger sense, these parts are community members working together on a common goal. 

We’re often asked by community members, how they can play a more active role and how they can help be a driver in community-led projects. 

An easy way to stay involved, engaged and active is to stay educated on the project as well as blockchain technology as a whole.    

In addition to the above, we’ve linked below to some ideas on this from a couple other resources.   Some of these are from sources and examples from various blockchain projects and some of are from existing active members from within this community: 

Linked-In Post from Switch Community Member

Why community is key to blockchain and crypto project success (

“Blockchain projects are pushing the boundaries of what traditional leadership looks like, creating a flat structure and new governance model that means that development is directly impacted by what the market wants. Projects often ask their communities to vote on decisions, allowing them to decide how to develop on-chain, or what the next partnership or collaboration should be. This is a step forward for business, which has for too long left decisions to authorities in suits, relying on their instincts to drive change.  

Engaged communities also act as the best advocates on social media and beyond. For new blockchain projects especially, this kind of organic support is indispensable. Active communities also drive engagement from new members by explaining different products and answering questions in social channels. Having well-informed members leading community engagement helps to drive up understanding and support from the community.”

It’s important to remember that this is truly YOUR community, and your participation is not only encouraged but needed.

There are many different ways and levels of participation within the community and all are welcome.   From just being a social media lurker to a node license owner and everything in between. 

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