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Switch Accounts for Individuals

Experience financial freedom like never before with a Switch individual account. As an account holder, you’ll unlock access to our expansive global financial services, right at your fingertips. Shop, transact, and manage your finances seamlessly with our state-of-the-art platform.

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Built For You

Simplify your financial life with immediate transfers and instant global access. Embrace the future of financial management with the convenience and peace of mind a decentralized wallet offers.

Get Started: Open Your Free Defi Wallet Account Now

Non-Custodial Wallet

Experience unparalleled control and security with a decentralized wallet. Enjoy the freedom to manage your digital assets anywhere, anytime, while benefiting from advanced encryption technology that ensures your transactions and holdings remain private and secure.

Custodial Wallet

Step into the world of convenience with Switch’s custodial wallet. Whether you’re looking to engage with the broader crypto market or manage your digital assets with ease, our custodial solution has you covered. Enjoy streamlined on and off ramps, and the ability to buy, sell, and send assets without the hassle. With Switch, entering and exiting the crypto space is as simple as a click.

Switch Prepaid Card

Experience superior financial management with the Switch Black Card. Enjoy the convenience of global acceptance, facilitating seamless transactions wherever Visa or Mastercard is accepted. With real-time spending notifications and comprehensive security features, you can transact with peace of mind. Plus, the Switch Black Card unlocks access to our unique digital rewards system, adding value to your everyday spending. Combine the trust of Visa and Mastercard with the innovative features of Switch for a premium, future-ready banking experience.

Switch Rewards

Experience the joy of rewarding spending with our unique ‘Switch and Spend’ rewards program. Each time you use your Switch account to make purchases, you’re not just spending – you’re earning valuable rewards. These can be redeemed for an exciting array of digital incentives, bringing additional value to your everyday transactions. It’s not just about expenditure, it’s about experiencing a new way of finance where every transaction gives back. Make your money work harder for you with Switch and Spend.

Create Your Personalized Account

Don’t wait for the future of finance, it’s here today. Unleash the power of global access, superior security, and rewarding transactions with Switch. Open your personalized account today and step into a world where your financial freedom is just a click away. Make the switch to Switch – because you deserve a banking experience as unique and innovative as you are. Click here to start your journey towards financial liberation now!

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