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Switch Accounts for Businesses

Give your business the financial edge it deserves. Apply for a Switch Business account today and harness the power of seamless transactions, robust security, global access, and a rewarding spending experience. Empower your operations with the benefits of decentralized finance and advanced spending management. Don’t let traditional financial constraints hold your business back. Click here to apply for Switch for Business – because the future of business financing is just a click away!  Start by applying for an individual account.

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Built For Business: Innovative Crypto B2B Services

Embrace the revolution in decentralized finance and propel your business to new heights. Experience the difference at—because at Switch, we’re serious about your success.

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On Ramp/ Off Ramp

Are you currently accepting crypto as payment at your business and looking for a better and more convenient on ramp and off ramp of your funds? We can help.

Accept Crypto Payment

Are you not currently accepting crypto as payment at your business and would like to? We can help with our SwitchPay service. Start accepting Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies including online, offline and invoicing payments.

Crypto Accounting and Business Services

Need guidance with crypto in your business? Access a network of professionals skilled in crypto tax strategy, payroll, accounts payable, and payments, ready to provide guidance and support for your business needs. Our flexible consulting services adapt to your specific needs, ensuring efficient, compliant crypto management.

NFT Marketplace and Portal

NFTs are an easy way to reward customer loyalty. Using our platform you can easily allow your customers to buy, sell and send NFTs.