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Introducing Switch Rewards

Switch Rewards Action Points can currently be earned when hosting licensed Switch Nodes

In the future Action Points will be able to be earned when using the Switch Black Card as well as referring new users to the program. For more information on the difference between Action Points and Switch Rewards, please visit and read our blog on the topic. Rewards from Switch will also have utility within the Switch ecosystem including the future Switch Marketplace.

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Future Action Items

Currently (as of January 2023), the only Action Item currently earning rewards in the Switch Ecosystem is hosting nodes online.    Nodes online as of Feb 2022 have been accumulating rewards and those rewards are currently visible in Node Owner’s Rewards Wallets.   For a full list of future Action Items and the formula by which distribution is calculated, please visit our Litepaper. These Action Items include Using the Switch Black Card to make a purchase, Using the Switch Trading Platform to Buy and Sell cryptocurrencies and Referring Others to the Platform. 

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SWITCH Digital Rewards

In addition to the existing roadmap of utility within the Switch ecosystem (the ability to use digital rewards via The Switch App and the Switch Marketplace), the team at Switch Reward Card is constantly working to add different forms of utility.  Reward Card is constantly working to add different forms of utility.   SWITCH’s utility in the Switch ecosystem is different from and unlikely to correlate with any value that the Switch community ascribes to SWITCH outside of the ecosystem. 

Earn even more rewards with a Switch Node

Earn more Switch Rewards when you
purchase and operate a Switch Node.

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Smart Node

Earn more Switch Rewards with a Smart Node

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