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Switch Nodes

Switch Nodes help contribute to the Switch ecosystem. Nodes confirm every transaction and are rewarded in SWITCH. SWITCH is the native currency to the Switch Blockchain.

*Note: As of 2/25/22, nodes are live, supporting and validating the decentralization of the network. In the future, when SWITCH rewards go live, rewards will be retroactive for license holders who were running their nodes.

Switch Nodes


Runs on Most Devices
Switch Nodes are compatible with most MacOS, Windows, and Linux devices. Switch Nodes can also be installed and operated on a virtual private server of your choosing.

Intuitive Interface
Switch Nodes offers a powerful interface allowing you to monitor its performance daily.

Supports The Switch Blockchain
Switch Nodes support the Switch Blockchain by independently confirming transactions using advanced cryptography.

Earn SWITCH Rewards
Switch Node operators earn SWITCH rewards for supporting the Switch Blockchain.

Decentralized Node Network

Switch Nodes may be purchased around the world³. Switch is a global decentralized network of Switch Node software operators. Switch Node performs complex cryptographic computations to verify and confirm transactions on the Switch Blockchain.


Explore the Dashboard

Monitor your node’s performance. Aspects of this feature are still in Beta Testing.
Monitor how many of your node licenses are online and offline. Aspects of this feature are still in Beta Testing.
Track how long your nodes have been online. Aspects of this feature are still in Beta Testing.

Put Your Computer to Work

Own a part of the Switch Blockchain

Lite Node

Lite Node

Switch Blockchain Software


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Smart Node

Smart Node

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