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Which Card is Right For You?

Switch Reward Card - Digital Card

Switch Digital Card

  • Individual Account
  • Apple & Google Pay
  • Payday 2 Days Early****
  • Subscription Controls
  • Default Zero
  • Switch Lite Node ***
  • Monthly Statements
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Switch Reward Card - Blue Card

Switch Blue Card

The Blue Card includes everything from the Digital Card plus everything below:

  • Recurring Transfers
  • Joint Account Option
  • Partner Notifications
  • Faster Deposits
  • Switch Lite Node ***
  • Expanded Virtual Bill Cards
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Switch Reward Card - Black Card

Switch Black Card

The Black Card includes everything from the Blue Card plus everything below:

  • Up to 5 Authorized Users
  • Kid/Teen Accounts (Under 18)
  • Parent View
  • Authorized Adult Accounts
  • In-App Money Requests
  • Kid Card Designs
  • Switch Lite Node ***
  • $1,000 Rebate to a Switch Smart Node**
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* Card features/benefits are subject to change based on issuer and availability. Card fees may apply. Click here to see card Terms and Conditions.

**$1,000 will be a rebate issued in ETH after proof of purchase of smart node license has been confirmed for black card purchasers. Click here for more details and the rebate request form.

***For a user to participate in Switch Rewards, they must activate and run a Switch Node. For this reason, each card issuance includes a Switch Lite Node which will facilitate the rewards. However, it is up to the user to host and activate the Node.

**** Please note that some employers and payroll providers do not support this program.