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Switch Reward Card is a global, distributed network of blockchain nodes that allows you to “Switch” instantly between currencies and spend BTC, ETH, and BAT using your Switch Visa debit card at over fifty five merchants world wide. Switch has a unique proof of action protocol that allows members to store, send, switch, and spend their digital rewards. Switch nodes provide confirmation of actions and verified transactions across the Switch network and are compensated in SWITCH, the native cryptocurrency of the Switch blockchain.

The Switch blockchain is on a mission to help members use their digital rewards in an easy and more affordable way. Members will enjoy more options on how they create their financial freedom.

Imagine a world where using digital rewards by simply swiping your card. A world full of more options to create and generate more wealth based on how you swipe your card.  As you use your card, you will earn more rewards. The Switch Blockchain is rewriting the way we approach financial freedom.

Switch Blockchain

The Switch Blockchain is a built from the ground up to help members use their digital rewards faster, easier, and cheaper than ever before. Our goal is to help Swith members achieve financial freedom while leveraging the Switch Blockchain to rethink they way people use, send, switch and spend their digital rewards.

Node Owner Rewards

Switch nodes perform proof of action and verification of financial transactions across the Switch Blockchain. Node owners are compensated in SWITCH digital rewards.

Earning Switch Rewards

Members who enroll in certain health and wellness monitoring earn Blue Health Rewards. Health rewards allow members to participate in rewards distribution based on rank of the number of Health Rewards they have earned combined with their achievement of healthy choices confirmed by the proprietary proof of action protocol on the Blue blockchain.

Earning Rewards by Swiping

Blue and Black card members enjoy the ability to earn rewards based on how much they spend. Blue members earn 1x the rewards based on use of card. Black Card members earn 2x rewards based on use of card. Switch is revolutionizing the way the ability to use digital rewards.

Products & Services

Switch has a verity of products and services. Members can purchase Digital, Blue, or Black Cards enjoy instant crypto transactions usable at over fifty five million merchants world wide. Card transactions are meant to leverage technology and understanding of the blockchain to generate more ways of spending.

Switch members can purchase node software to be able to contribute to the blockchain and confirm transactions on the blockchain. Members who purchase node software will be rewarded in SWITCH rewards based on their contribution to the blockchain.

Transforming The Banking Paradigm

The mission of The Switch Blockchain is build the blockchains most secure, cost effective, and convenient payment solution. Switch seeks to reverse the idea that banks can hold your money. We will demonstrate how this new paradigm will move humanity toward an ideal that your money is safe in your hands. Switch will provide more options and variety to help members create their financial goals. The Switch blockchain will break the barrier of entry to be able to spend your digital rewards with our low-cost cards. Switch is on a mission to help people use their digital assets.