We are excited to show you our
new beta website!

We are thrilled to announce that Switch Reward Card has publicly released the beta version of our new website. We invite you to try it out and give us your feedback.

While in beta, this URL is located at SwitchBlackCard.com. Please use your existing login information from SwitchRewardCard.com.

Go to the new website

Have questions? Please contact support@switchrewardcard.com.

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Switch Reward Card - 20 Lite Node Graphic

Buy a Black Card, Get 20 Lite Nodes (See Below For Details)

Apply For The Black Card Today!

Important Information


Black Card must be successfully purchased and activated to qualify. Switch is not responsible for hosting any nodes. Nodes will be manually assigned and may take up to 30 days of qualifying. Eligible to anyone who pays full price for a Black Card. The same customer can be eligible for both this promotion as well as the $1000 ETH rebate. 

Eligibility Disclaimer

To be eligible for the 20 Lite Nodes Promotion, Users must have purchased and activated a Switch Black Card prior to 03/31/2023 at midnight MT.  Lite Nodes will be manually assigned and may take up to 30 days of qualifying. 

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