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“Why Should I get a Switch Black Card? It’s gonna set me back $495!”

Switch Reward Card - 20 Lite node promo

Well, my friend, we are glad you asked.  First of all, for being an early adopter and signing up for the card program during our Open Beta, you will receive 20 Switch Lite Nodes, which is a $500 value.   Host these nodes online and earn rewards.   Meet eligibility requirements from regular card use and get those rewards DOUBLED (keep reading below for more info on this).

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Earn Rewards

Switch Reward Card - Token

The Switch Black Card will have the ability to earn rewards by completing action items such as spending, receiving direct deposits, referring friends and other future to be named actions.

For example, according to Page 17 of the Switch Litepaper for every $40 USD, or equivalent currency, spent on a Switch Card up to $4,000 USD per day you earn 1 action point.

If you were to make a $120 purchase, you would earn 3 action points on that single transaction.  Use the Switch Black Card’s Virtual Bill Card feature and setup auto billpay for recurring bills like your internet, car note or streaming service and earn rewards!  What are Action Points?  Read more about them HERE.

Learn More About Action Points and Rewards!

Are you already a Switch Smart Node Owner?

decentralized node network. VPS and Laptop

If yes, you should be aware of the multiplying ability that the Black Card is able to do to the Switch Rewards that your nodes are earning.  By completing Black Card spending requirements, earned action points from hosting nodes are eligible to be doubled.  Page 18 of the Switch Litepaper goes into more detail on this topic.

What if I don’t have a Switch Smart Node?

Switch Reward Card - Switch Node Dashboard

Well my friend it is your lucky day.   As part of another early adopter promotion, we are offering a $1,000 rebate payable in the form of Ethereum when a Switch Black Card holder buys a Switch Smart Node.   Some terms and details apply.  Click HERE to read more about this offer.

So if I apply for and purchase a Black Card and then get a Switch Smart Node, I’ll get 20 additional Switch Lite Nodes and $1,000 ETH rebate on the Switch Smart Node?

Switch Reward Card - Black Card
Switch Reward Card - Black Card Promo Graphics

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